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The Transparodies were a series of five comics during Season 1, running from Comic 45 through Comic 49. Each installment was a friendly parody of another TFW comic.

1- Kicking With Ironhide Edit

  • Parody of 'Cooking with Ironhide'
  • Animated Ironhide welcomes the viewers to his show, Kicking With Ironhide, before introducing his assistant, Starscream. Screamer questions why the show is named as it is, to which Ironhide replies by showing the audience how to kick a Decepticon's butt.
  • This was the only parody whose origional comic had not been fully read through by LegoTFGuy.

2- The Blatantly Small Comics Edit

  • Two Mini-Cons are idly chatting when Blight zooms by them, followed by Darkmount. One of the Mini-Cons questions why Darkmount, of all characters, is the one chasing Blight, to which the other replies that they don't have much choice, what with their limited cast. BIONICLE Stars Nektann then shows up as a parody of AP101 herself, but thankfully he's still male.
  • Legos considers Nektann to be the only Toy Saga native character in this parody, meaning all the others are the actual characters from The Rather Small Comics.

3- Constructicomics Edit

  • Parody of Sharkticomics
  • Scrapper has woken up to find the Stunticons have created clones of him with different personalities. After they introduce the clones, Scrapper realizes that one of the group is a girl. Unable to deal with the stress. he hurls. BIONICLE Stars Takanuva then shows up, claiming he is Rahsk.
  • It doesn't show well in the pictures, but Legos pushed Dead End's window-'wings' up higher than usual to mimic Kickback's wings, as the Stunticons are parodying the Insecticons.
  • Reportedly, Sharktibolt burst out laughing after reading this comic, then stated it's a good thing he wasn't drinking any Mountian Dew at the time.

4- LegoTFGuy's Attempt at FunniesEdit

  • Parody of 'Grimlock_13's Attempt at Funnies'.
  • Optimus is a dick and does jerk things like tell Bumblebee that the smaller bot is his towel boy, insult Animated Grimlock, and hate on Drift. Shockwave is chased by the Coneheads, who have been hired by Swindle. G1 Starscream claims he's going to try (and fail) to usurp Megatron's command, but Megsy is too busy working with a drunken Soundwave on a stupid, unworkable plan to take over Earth. Optimus, Hot Rod, Starscream and Megatron then find themselves up against a 'Baybot inspired Megatron' created by the Unicrons to attack them. They're surprised to find the tiny form of Cyberverse Megatron, who then blasts them into oblivion. G13 hot Shot then convinces Cliffjumper and Hound (Bulkhead) to comment on the comic.

5- Out of the ContainerEdit

  • Parody of Out of the Box .
  • Optimus and his crew, consisting of Kup and Side Burn , are looking for the Ponies , with Optimus insisting they have to find them before Megatron does, or they'll have to listen to 'Frank Welker squealing in delight.' However, they're too late- but Megatron's squeal is not as bad as they thought. Megs reminds them that he is Animated Megatron, and therefore isn't voiced by Frank Welker.
  • This comic was posted before Out of the Box actually got to the part where Megatron squeals.


  • Despite Lego's promise to do another Round of Transparodies, he has yet to produce more.
  • Photos for two more installments were created, but never edited or released:

-The first was a parody of Megatron's Anonymous called Optimus Anonymous.

-The second was a parody of Beyond You Wildest Imagination.