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The Readers were introduced in the Season 2 chapter 'Rise of the Readers.' They consist of Sharktibolt, Megatron_91, AndreaPrime101, UltraMagnus84 and Starfire22.


Sharktibolt- represented by a slightly modified BIONICLE Keetongu figure. He is casual and laid back, almost to the point of being lazy. This is proven by the fact that he doesn't even realize the disk launcher in his chest even exists.

Megatron_91- Represented by a DOTM Voyager Megatron. He can be distinguished from UM84's DOTM Megatron because Megatron_91 has Sideswipe's MechTech weapon on his arm and usually wears a 'cape'. He is calm and friendly, though not afraid to fight if he or his friends are in danger.

AndreaPrime 101- Represented by an Animated Elite Guard Bumblebee. Level-headed and friendly, though fierce in battle. The Bumblebees adore her, treating her like a queen bee. She often hangs out with the other females of the collection. She has the most common sense out of all the readers.

UltraMagnus84- Represented by an Armada Powerlinx Optimus. Though he is calm when around friends, it doesn't take much for his bundled-up rage to be unleashed. Fortunately, AP101 can keep him from destroying too much property.

Starfire22- Represented by a Universe/War Within Dirge. He tries to be a nice guy, but finds it really hard to do so. It doesn't help that half of Toy Saga's population is made of jerks and morons. As the only reader who can fly, he is the aerial advantage of the team.

Season 2 Edit

The Readers were brought into the comic via Pinkie Pie's fourth-wall breaking abilities to help the collection search for the missing LegoTFGuy. However, before they could assist in rescue efforts, they and the remaining Toa Sagiaus, along with Barricade and Ironhide, were called to action to repress an attack in the hallway by Motormaster and his combined troops. Thought successful at first, the sheer number of opponents turned to tide on them. AP101 and Jessie were about to be attacked by Menasor when a revived and upgraded Legos arrived, slicing the evil overlord to bits. The Readers then integrated themselves into the collection, gaining mixed results.

UM84 later appeared in the third Q&A Comic, in which he answered a question from... Himself. After some conversation with Legos they realized the camera was still on, prompting him to blast it, much to Lego's dismay.

Season 3 Edit

Starfire, AP101 and UM84 had a brief appearance in the chapter Access Denied, in which they comforted a terrified Blight and informed the rest of the collection of Motormaster's 'invasion'.

All the Readers appeared in an alternate timeline in Brick to the Future. In this timeline, their home universes were threatened with destruction due to the changes in Toy Saga history also changing key crossover events in their universes. They were hunting down Legos to force him to fix things and found him as a minifigure who had no idea what was going on. They were then distracted by various versions of Legos throughout history while the 'original' one escaped.

They appeared again in The Ultimate Showdown, fighting Motormaster's army.

Trivia Edit

The Readers are both the most fun characters to write in the comic, as they're real people, but also the most difficult to write for the same reason.