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Plot Edit

Optimus and Megatron are leading a Thanksgiving get-together, as Legos is still the fellow web-comic Out of the Box . They explain that the meaning of the holiday is to be content with what you have (Megatron even makes a direct reference to Starscream , much to the Seeker's dismay). They then ask the crow to shout out things they're thankful for.

All goes well until Sunstreaker announces that he's thankful that Legos isn't back yet, meaning he can host a party. Nearly everyone runs off to attend said party.

Seconds later, Legos shows up, ready to take over when he realizes that only the ponies, Brony Transformers, Megatron, Optimus and the minifigure companions are left. Knowing that this is likely the only crowd that would be there, he offers to order pizza.


The following is a list of characters that speak in the comic and what they're thankful for:

  • Ponies: Friends
  • Leadfoot: Black Friday (a reference to the fact that the Black Friday of that year saw Power Core Combiners on serious discount at Wal-Mart)
  • Hot Shot: Updated toys
  • Ramjet: Being a repaint (note: since Ramjet is based on his Animated personality, this remark is a lie)
  • Ironhide: Ponies!
  • Pipes: Repurposing
  • Tracks: His own glamor
  • Shockwave: Technology
  • Kup: Earplugs
  • Blitzwing: Triple-changing abilities
  • Sunstreaker: "I'm thankful that legos isn't back yet! PARTY AT MY PLACE!"