Shockwave os one of the lead scientists of the collection, along with Perceptor. He frequently uses logic to attempt solve problems, which doesn't always end well.

He is known for being one of the leaders of the Brony group i the collection, alongside Ironhide. His favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle.

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  • Due to Shockwave's right shoulder joint being very weak, his shoulders almost never turn. When turning his shoulder may be nessisary for a pose (such as running), the res on his shoulder will be rotated down, as if transforming him into Longarm's crane mode.
  • Speaking of which, Shockwave has never been seen in his Longarm form, though his bio claims he occasionally does so off screen to trick Grimlock13's Hot Shot.
  • Of the characters seen in his 'One Eyed Science Robot' chatroom, only GLaDOS has actually appeared in the comic thus far.