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Shadow's Play was the first part of Season 2 of Toy Saga, marking the beginning of the story arc known as the Collection War. It started at Comic 166 and ran until Comic .

Plot Edit

Shadow Prime has telepoted to Toy saga as Motormaster and has plans to take it over.Meanwhile Legos , Sideswipe and the wreckers transport to sharkticomics.

Characters Edit

  • The Stunticons

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter is a crossover with Sharkticomics . Though it is the third crossover to appear in the comic (fourth if you count Blight ), it was the first one to be planned.
  • A deleted scene showed the Stunticons playing video games before being sent on the Oreo-stealing mission. After they left, Lugnut would have started playing the game.
  • Motormaster leading the Stunticons is a reference to his G1 counterpart. Likewise, his being upgraded into Menasor is a reference to the G1 Gestalt of the same name.
  • Thus far, this is the only appearance of LegoTFGuy's robot suit, the L.A.T.E.R.S. As the suit gets damaged at the end of the chapter, and Legos later gets upgraded into a Toa form, it is unlikely we will be seeing much of it again.
    • So far its only re-appearance has been in Brick to the Future as part of a group of different versions of LegoTFGuy.