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The @$$hole himself, shorly before getting owned... again.

Aside from LegoTFGuy , Sentinel is one of the longest-standing characters in Toy Saga. Like his cartoon counterpart, Sentinel is know for be a major jerk. He can constantly be found putting down the opinions and interests of others, all the while insisting that his way is the best way. This causes him to clash regularly with Ironhide . This usually ends in Sentinel being physically abused, which as become a running gag in the comic.

Season 1 Edit

Sentinel appeared in the very first comic of Toy Saga, being the first Transformer to be seen in the entire comic. He tried to take over the comic before it had barely started, but failed when Legos sent the Dinobots after him. Sentinel tried to make a stand, but was scared away by the Dinobots' flaming weapons.

He appeared many times throughout Season 1 , mostly to be abused by Ironhide or other characters.

At the end of the season, during the second Q&A Comic, he was kicked o to the moon by Ironhide. Exactly how they got him down is unknown, but it likely involved Portal Guns.

Season 2 Edit

Sentinel again appears in the Season 2 chapter 'Knock It Off ' where he lead a gang of expendable Autobots to investigate strange energy signals in the hallway. It turned out to be a group of Knockoff, who not only chased Sentinel's team away, but also beat them up.

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  • Other than LegoTFGuy, Sentinel is possibly THE longest-standing Toy Saga character.