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Season 3, sub-titled 'Collection War Part 2,' as the name suggests, continues the storyline started in Season 2.

Chapters Edit

Like the previous season, Season 3 was divided into 5 chapters, with the numbering continuing from the last season, with chapter ten confirmed for the finale of the Collection War (but not the comic itself).

Chapter 6: Of Ponies and Minifigures

Chapter 7: Access Denied

Chapter 8: Toy Saga VS Shattered Glass

Chapter 9: Brick to the Future

Chapter 10: The Ultimate Showdown

Trivia Edit

  • Although this season wraps up the Collection War, it does not wrap up the comic as a whole.
  • Another comic project based was to be aired after the conclusion of the fourth season. It was to be based on an old roleplay between Lego and some of his friends, and would have been completely separate form Toy Saga, though a crossover would have been likely. Ultimately, however, it went unproduced and most of the LEGO models built for the custom characters were taken apart.