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Whereas Season 1 was made of a series of one-shots, Season 2 introduced the comic's first major story arc. This story is The Collection War, in which an evil entity from another universe attempts to recruit toys whose brands are minorities in the collection, with the intent of overthrowing LegoTFGuy . The season kicked off in Comic 166, which started the chapter called 'Shadow's Play.'

Chapters Edit

The season was divided into five chapters, each one a somewhat self-contained story that contributed to the overall storyline.

The chapters are:

Chapter 1: Shadow's Play

Chapter 2: World's Least Creative Construction Toy

Chapter 3: Knock It Off

Chapter 4: Robots in Disguise

Chapter 5: Rise of the Readers

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the earliest scripts for Toy Saga had 'Shadow's Play' by itself as Season 2.
  • The first chapter was originally going to be 'World's Least Creative Construction Toy,' but this was dropped in favor of 'Shadow's Play' being the first, as it establishes the main villain of the story.