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Legos arrives with the questions, saying he is slightly late due to having to deal with an out-of-universe Bulkhead.

The first question is from Saberfrost01, who asks him what his favorite storyline so far has been. Noting that this question is hard to answer from an in-universe perspective, he replies that he liked Space Bridge'd, as well as the Kicking Sentinel Trilogy and the McDonalds clones.

The next question from Megatron_91 is for Pinkie and Rainbow, asking if they prank people often. Rainbow says she doesn't do a whole lot of pranking, but Pinkie and Blitzwing often do. She then recalls a time when they stuck Smarties to Sentinel's back so he'd be chased by the pre-G4 ponies.

Next is a question from Mr.Chaos, adressed to "one of the ponies". It is a long, complicated question about how the universe works, which Twilight responds to with an equally as long and thought-out answer.

The last question is from Warpshard, asking Sentinel why he hates the ponies. Sentinel responds that there's nothing to like about the show, only to be kicked by Ironhide to the moon, not to be seen again until next season. Legos expresses amazement that they have used a kicking Sentinel joke not suggested by Mr. Chaos.


  • The original idea for the prank panel was for Pinkie to be stuck to a wall using sticky tack and Blitzwing trying to trick Scourge into thinking she could defy gravity.
  • The prank panel, in which Sentinel is being chased by pre-G4 ponies because he has Smarties, is a reference to an earlier story arc where Sentinel used the same candies to make the same ponies chase the Bronies.
  • Legos mentioning an out-of-universe Bulkhead will come into play at a later time. As of now it seems only Legos and Megatron_91 understand the connection.
    • This was a crossover with LegoTFGuy's Transformers Animated Season 4 fanfiction series. However, that series has been cancelled and is due to be rebooted- as such, this plot thread has been dropped.
  • Twilight's response to Mr. Chaos' question is based on how Legos thinks the multiverse actually works.