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LegoTFGuy welcomes the readers to the first Q&A comic, but can't start until Soundwave arrives with a printed copy of the questions. He eventually does, claiming he had to find a new ink cartridge, as Hot Rod had wasted the last one. Legos is then somewhat dejected to learn that there are only three questions.

The first question is from Stonecrusher regarding Lego's opinions regarding some ponies' fan-made names conflicting with their canon names.

The next one is from Megatron_91, who asks Megatron if he has any 'maniacal plans' down the road. Megatron replies that he has no interest in any evil plans that will never work.

The third and final question is from Doomboy536, who wonders who is the biggest nerd out of Perceptor and the best pony. After some discussion, both agree that the title belongs to Twilight.

Legos then says goodbye, promising another installment in the future.


  • Legos promises there will be more Q&A comics. Unlike Transparodies, this actually happened.