This story was originally intended to be the ninth chapter of the Collection War. However, it was cut due to it prominently featuring the user SaberFrost01, who left TFW before the chapter aired.

The plot of the chapter was a parody of the TV show PSYCH. LegoTFGuy would have been cast as Shawn Spencer, while Megatron_91 would have been Burton Guster (a reference to the fact that he introduced Legos to the show). Barricade would have been Lassiter, Numbuh One from Codename: Kids Next door would have been the Chief, and Animated Arcee would have been Juliet (though there was no romance between her and Legos planned, thank goodness). No one was casted in a role to fit Shawn's dad.

Though pictures were taken for this story, none of them were edited.


Upstairs, Lego is contacted about a robbery in the basement. Wondering if it could be related to the recent theft of the Digi-Realizer, he enlists a more or less willing Megatron_91 to journey with him to the lowest level of the house.

They arrive at the stairs to the basement, which resembles a great drop into darkness. legos says they can take the risky yet fast action of sliding down the rail, or jump down each step. M91 can't decide until Lego reveals the third option of pushing him down the stairs (since Lego can just fly down). M91 quickly makes up his mind.

Down below, the two find Animated Arcee, barricade and some of the kids next Door at a crime scene (a dumped out container of random LEGO BIONICLE parts). The item stolen was the Predator- a BIONICLE 'Bio-Morpher' tank/helicopter triple changer. Lego notices that the unconscious guards- two of the Toa Mahri- have sword marks on them, and also discovers a small LEGO part that didn't belong in the container.

Later, Lego and M91 are enjoying really good smoothies when they get called to another crime scene. They show up (but not before finishing their smoothies) to find a Matoran (small BIONICLE figure) beaten up and missing his mask. Lego deduces that, based on the position the Matroan was found in, he was running from something. Furthermore, the direction he was running from is where the first crime scene was. Lego then notices that the matron has scratches on his back that match the scars on the Toa mahri. Form this he concludes that whoever stole the Predator was seen by the Matoran, and chased him before hurting (but not killing) him. Numbuh Five then approaches with a white sword. Legos realizes that the sword is one in a set of two- both of which belonged to a model of SaberFrost01's Bio-Morpher Mark II body. Furthermore, the sword is missing a piece- the same out-of-place Technic piece found at the first crime scene.

A check of a vaulted area that contains some of Lego's more dangerous creations reveals that the Saberfrost Mark II body is, indeed, missing. Lego is confused by this, however- the SaberFrost body could only be controlled by Saber himself, and Legos is doubtful that his friend would wish him harm. The Kids Next Door then show that they found strange scratches on the ground of the valt that started and stopped abruptly, as if whatever left the marks could fly. Numbuh Four then reveals that he found a single K'NEX part on the ground in the vault. Lego recognizes the part as a piece of Skyhawk's staff, which explains the scratch marks and the flying. The group realizes that Skyhawk is out to steal the Bio-Morpher bodies among the collection. Lego says there is some good news- the only one left is the Arakeed body, and he has a plan...

SaberFrost01 and the Predator approach a container of BIONICLE parts. Saber opens it while the predator keeps watch. However, rather than the Arakeed, inside the container is Lego and M91. Saber leads Lego on a chase, while M91 fights the Predator.

Lego chases Saber around the basement, eventually shooting him down. However, Lego can't find him on the ground. Saber then sneak-attacks Lego, who hopes that M91 is having batter luck.

M91 hopes Lego is having better luck, as he is pinned behind a bunch of containers. He manages to shoot down the Predator in helicopter mode, only to be reminded that it has a tank mode. M91 takes a moment to recover and plan, but finds the Predator looming over him. Thinking fast, the Reader activates the MechTech blade in his arm-cannon and decapitates the offender

Lego is now swordfighting with Saber, who reveals that Skyhawk stole the Digi-Realizer to make a copy of his spark and implant it into the Bio-Morpher body. Legos then admits that Saber would normally beat him in a battle. However, Saber would also never turn on Lego, leading Lego to conclude that Skyhawk has placed some kind of programming shell on Saber's mind. This would mean that Saber's fighting skills have been dulled. He the proves this by beating Saber and knocking him unconscious.

Saber later wakes up to see LegoTFGuy and Megatron_91, who explain what happened over smoothies. Lego reveals that he cured Saber by hitting his head really hard; a trick he learned from when they cured Hawkeye's hypnotism in The Avengers. Saber agrees to help Lego and the others fight against Motormaster, though he questions what happened to the Predator. Lego says that its remains were stored in a container, and more advanced security measures were put in place to ensure it never rises again.

However, unknown to Lego or anyone, inside the container, the Predator's eyes glow, despite the fact that it is still decapitated...


  • LegoTFGuy does not entirely regret the cancellation of this chapter, as he foolishly took all the pictures with only half a script, more or less making things up as he went along. Though he's done this in the past (and it has worked out), it didn't work so well for a mystery story.
  • A title card was sketched, consisting of Legos in his Toa form with his index fingers against his temples like a psychic, and pulling a weird expression while M91 stares at him in annoyance.
  • The explanation for Legos having Shawn Spencer's memory and observational abilities was going to be his mask power.
  • Though Skyhawk was the one behind the thefts, he never would have been seen in person; only in a sequence where Legos realizes who is to blame.