Overview Edit

The ponies are from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They appear frequently throughout the comic as supporting characters. Though they appear harmless, they possess powerful magical and physical abilities, such as the Elements of Harmony. Their ranks include Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. After finding various blindbag sets, Lily Blossom and Roseluck have joined their numbers.

They should not be confused with the Pre-G4 ponies. Or their evil clones.

Season 1 Edit

The ponies were introduced in one of the bonus comics. Sentinel insulted them to Starscream, but got blasted off the table by Twilight.

The ponies appeared several times throughout the first season. They often showed up in the group of six, though Twilight could occasionally be seen separate from the others.

At some point Legos found blindbag sets at Wal-Mart and bought Lily Blossom and Roseluck. Because of this, Jessie shunned him for a few days.

Season 2 Edit

The ponies had a notable part in the Season 2 chapter 'Robots in Disguise,' in which they used the Elements of Harmony to free Blight, Red Alert, G1/Cybertron Megatron and Sharkticomics Soundwave from Motormaster's evil grasp.

Season 3 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Because Twilight is Lego's favorite pony, she has appeared more times in the comic than any other pony.
  • Legos had hoped to use transparant/glittery ponies to represent the ponies using the Elements of Harmony. However, he was only able to find the wave with Twilight, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash before the time for the scene came. Since then, however, he has collected the other three ponies.
  • Though Legos owns a figure of Twilight's dragon-assistant, Spike, he is too out of scale compared to the blindbag figures to use in the comic.
  • A pink Princess Celestia toy that Legos owns showed up on April Fool's day as Princess Trollestia (after Legos joked in text form that the comic would go on hiatus until the Summer) but never in an actual comic. She was going to appear in a short story arc between the second and third seasons to shoot Sentinel back to the moon, but this story was cut.
  • Legos considers his like for the ponies to be slightly exaggerated in the comic for the sake of comedy.