Overview Edit

Motormaster is the spawn of Shadow Prime from the fellow TFW photocomic Sharkticomics . Motormaster was originally going to be just an extension of Shadow Prime, but he became his own being as a result of being sent through an inter-dimensional portal while still being made of energy, though he still maintains a link with his 'master.'

One of the smallest characters in the comic, and yet one of the most evil. Go figure.

As the main villain of the Collection War, he is described as being vile and vicious. His sole purpose is to eliminate LegoTFGuy , much like his Master wishes to kill Sharkticon Prime. Exactly what Motormaster hopes to accomplish by this is currently unknown, but he will stop at nothing to see his plans through.

Season 2 Edit

Motormaster fist appeared in the first chapter of Season 2 . Sent by Shadow Prime to be eliminate the leaders of the collection, Motormaster integrated himself into the Decepticon forces. However, Optimus took notice of this and grew suspicious of the newcomer, sending Ironhide and his buddies to spy on him. While leading the Stunticons on a mission to steal Oreos, Motormaster was approached by The ROTF Arcee sisters , who told him that Optimus Prime wished to talk to him.

At the 'interview,' Motormaster revealed his true colors, ambushing Optimus and upgrading into a stronger form called 'Menasor' (see below). However, just as Menasor was about to kill Optimus, Megatron showed up and blasted a hole in his torso. Menasor's Power Core Combiner limbs dissolved into energy, before Motormaster did the same. However, Motormaster later re-formed himself as he made communication with Shadow Prime.

Later, the reader Ultramagnus84 came to Toy Saga to find Blight - only it wasn't UM84; it was Motormaster in disguise. He had been there the whole time, helping groups such as the ReKonstructors and Knockoffs attack the collection. Legos found out about this, but was unable to escape before Motormaster shed his disguise and secretly killed him with a sword made of shadow.

With their leader dead, Motormaster saw the collection as vunerable to attack. With this in mind, he gathered up his troops- consisting of ReKonstructors, Go-Bots , Knockoffs, Megazords and Tonkatrons - and planned a sneak attack. His plan were cut short by a strike team consisting of the remaing Toa , the Readers , and Ironhide and Barricade . Mtotormaster's army eventually pulled through due to sheer numbers. Upgraded once again into Menasor, he s about to attack Jessie and AdrenaPrime101 when LegoTFGuy came up, sporting a new jetpack with guns. After revealing that Primus had revived him, Legos proceeded to violently slice Menasor into pieces. Defeated, the evil entity dissolved, vowing to return.

Menasor Edit

Motormaster is capable of generating four Power Core Combiner drones, and can combine with said drones to form Menasor. He did this once while attacking Optimus Prime in the Season 2 chapter 'Shadow's Play ,' and again in 'Rise of the Readers .' The exact nature of Menasor, or even the seperate drone limbs, is thus far unknown, though he is most likely just Motormaster with upgraded limbs.

Bruticus + Superion + Motormaster = Menasor, apparently.

Mini-Con Edit

Motormaster can occasionally be seen wielding a Power Core Combiner Mini-Con, usually in its weapon or armor mode. The exact nature of the mini-con is unknown, but it is fairly safe to assume that it is an extension of Motormaster's conciousness.


  • Ironically, Mensor appears in Season 1 only in the first and the laster chapters.