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LegoTFGuy is the creator of Toy Saga. He appears in the comic as the owner and overall leader of the collection. He has adopted many forms over the course of the comic, several of which are custom built out of LEGO pieces.


Legos Minifigure form, seen in much of Season 1 and 2.

Legos is depicted as being smart, creative, and more than a bit immature. His crazy side tends to show through, though he can be dead serious when the situation requires it. His main hobby is collection Transformers action figures, who make up much of the cast of the comic, as well as the collection. As his name implies, he also like building with LEGO parts, and is very good at doing so. Other things he likes are drawing, watching cartoons, the Back To The Future movies, the new Doctor Who show, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Season 1 Edit

Legos first appears in the very first installment of Toy Saga, welcoming the readers to the comic. However, his introduction is soon interrupted by Sentinel Prime , who thinks HE should be the one running the comic. Legos solves this problem by sending the Dinobots after Sentinel, who runs away screaming like a little girl.

He was later sought out by Movie Bumblebee , who revealed that he had accidentally used one of Lego's inventions known as the 'Digi-Realizer' to create a clone of Grimlock13's Hot Shot . Legos punished Bee by forcing him to play with pre-G4 My Little Ponies.

Legos was later found by Sentinel Prime, who informed him that he hadaccidentally used the Digi-Realizer to bring to life three internet memes- Nyan Cat, Doctor Octogonapus and the I Like Trains Kid. After almost getting run over by Trains Kid's signature move, he pointed out that it was a good thing that there were no other memes... Unaware that a Minecraft Creeper, Spongebob Squarepants and Vegeta had also been brought to life.

His next appearance was during the stary-arc 'Space Bridge'd ', when Ironhide informed him that he had accidentally sent Shockwave to Out of the Box , another TFW comic, and brought that universe's Side Burn to Toy Saga. Lego then recruited Perceptor to help solve the dilemma, which was hindered by Sunstreaker temporarily knocking out the power. Legos Side Burn was sent back to his home universe, stating that he was bored of waiting for Shockwave to come back through.

In his next appearance, Legos, along with Ben Ding, informed the readers that they would be doing a Q&A comic soon. He then complemented Ben's joke, in which the builder cleverly insulted the show Family Guy. Legos later appeared as the host of the first Q&A comic.

Legos next appearance brought a shock to the readers and the collection when he revealed he had turned himself into a pony. However, he had the logical explanation that he was trying to transfer his consciousness into another toy body, and found he could only do so with a custom-made body, so he had used a pony OC of himself he had made out of modeling clay. After causing his friends to faint at the fake idea that he would stay a pony forever, he changed back (but not before Ben sent an E-Mail to Out of the Box Optimus asking for help).

Legos later appeared in comic 99, where he tricked his friends into thinking that he had run put of comic ideas, leading them to frantically run off in search of inspiration. He then gave a speech of thanks in comic 100, then invited everyone except Sunstreaker to a Pinkie Pie party.

During the Christmas season, Legos was shown to be reviewing a list of things to do when Twilight Sparkle asked him if she could go caroling. Legos replied that, unlike her cartoon counterpart, Twilight couldn't sing very well, but he cheered her up by allowing her to be the keeper of the Christmas checklist. Her resulting squeal of ecxitement prompted Legos to cover his hears so he didn't die of adorableness. With Twilight's help, the Christmas arrangements were soon completed- including readying Ratchet's X-Ray scanner, for the purpose of peaking at presents. He later wished the viewers a merry "HanaKwanzStmas."

Other appearances include dealing with Hot Rod and Bumblebee demanding more screentime, watching a BIONICLE VS Hero Factory fight, helping to chase off some invading pre-G4 ponies, dealing with UM84 's DOTM Megatron , and hosting the second Q&A comic.


Lego's Toa form, properly disposing of the Knockoff's Mega EMP thing.

Season 2   Season 3


Bio-Morpher LegoTFGuy

Forms Edit

LegoTFGuy has adopted many forms throughout the comic, including:

  • A LEGO minifigure form throughout most of Season . In this form he was originally shown in a LEGO Alpha Team outfit, but later changed to a green shirt and blue pants (seen above)

    Lego's original minifigure outfit.

  • A clay-molded pony form in the middle of season 1

    Pony LegoTFGuy

    . This form is separate from his minifigure body
  • A robot suit (that he temporarily gets fused with) at the beginning of Season 2
  • A Toa form in the middle of Season 2. He later receieved a detatchable upgrade jetpack which he later rebuilt onto himself, making himself a 'Bio-Morpher,' in Season 3. This form is based on a BIONICLE fan-character named Toa Townunga

Trivia Edit

  • Though he has appeared in every chapter of 'The Collection War,' he didn't nessisarily do a lot in all of them- for example, in 'Of Ponies and Minifigures ,' basically all he does is listen to the ponies and KREONs tell the story.
  • Though his Toa form was a recycled MOC from his BIONICLE stories, the jetpack he gains in Season 2 was made solely for Toy Saga.
  • Thus far, he has only been a Transformer three times, two of which were not even in his own comic, and the third was in an alternate timeline.
  • In case you haven't noticed yet, he really, really, REALLY likes the color green.
  • As of late Lego has become kind of bored with photocomics. As such he has made plans to reboot Toy Saga as a stopmotion series sometime in the future.