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Yeah hear that, Tugging Gun? Quit being so poorly drawn!

Robots in Disguise

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  • Midnight Express was named after the Robots in Disguise/Car Robots Team Bullet Train member.
  • Originally, Bumblebee, Hot Rod and Sentinel were going to receive upgrades for not screwing up the mission. They would've become Battle Blade Bumblebee, Animated Rodimus (who was made a separate character when this idea was cancelled) and Powerlinx Optimus. Unhappy with his "upgrade", Sentinel would've demanded a "recount" (a reference to his high status in the Cybertronian government at the end of the Animated cartoon).
  • This chapter was originally going to be a plot thread in season 1, with no connection to the Collection War. However, since coming up with the Collection War idea, Lego intigrated it into the story.
    • Additionally, it was going to be Chapter 1, but that place was given to Shadow Play so the main villain of the arc, Motormaster, could be introduced. This change would be reflected when it was revealed that, offscreen, Motormaster convinced the ReKonstructors to revolt