KnexKODude is a (questionably) evil clone of LegoTFGuy created by the ReKonstructors. Knex is the exact opposite of Legos, meaning he is very strong, but also incredibly stupid.

Season 2Edit

Knex first appeared in World's Least Creative Construction Toy when the ReKonstructor Skyhawk revealed he had created a device that would create a clone of LegoTFGuy in order to destroy him. However, the clone turned out a complete moron who would constantly insult them. Despite this, they sent him upstairs to fight Legos. Knex was quickly incapacitated by Legos using a blaster. As punishment for their attempt at Lego's life, the ReKonstructors were stripped down to only their heads and forced to listen to KnexKODude talk about his Rule 34 fanfictions.

He appeared later in Knock It Off when Tugging Gun was forced to share the ReKonstructor's punishment.

Motormaster revealed in Robots in Disguise that he was the one who gave the ReKonstructors the technology to create Knex.

Season 3Edit

KnexKODude later appeared in the chapter Brick to the Future where he stole Lego's DeLorean Time Machine to go back in time and tell Motormaster how to beat the collection. Legos later found him via another time machine (the RAILIS). After shooting through several points in time, Legos beat him by faking that the Sonic Screwdriver was a weapon, then forcing Knex onto the roof of the DeLorean as he went back to the present. However, upon returning to the corrected future, Legos discovered that Knex had fallen off the roof during the time jump, and is now trapped in the Time Vortex.


  • Upon close examination, one may realize that Knex's design is very much the opposite of Lego's. The clone wears a blue shirt and green pants, opposite Lego's green shirt and blue pants. He also has large, brightly colored hair, as opposed to Legos always wearing a helmet.
  • It's entirely likely that Motormaster planned for Knex to end up being an idiot so that the ReKonstructors would fail and later join him.