Overview Edit

Ironhide is one of the longest-standing characters in Toy Saga. Despite his rough-and-tough personality, Ironhide has a heart and cares deeply for his friends. His idea of solving a problem typically involves blowing things up, punching people, or just breaking things. He has two goons, Armorhide and Ironfist.

Ironhide, ready to kick some butt. Preferably Sentinel's.

Ironhide's most bitter rivals are fellow Toy Saga character Sentinel Prime and Smolder from Out of the Box , who both hate him for being a hardcore Brony.

Season 1 Edit

Ironhide showed up many times in the first season, mostly to beat up Sentinel or Hot Rod , or proclaim how awesome ponies are.

Season 2 Edit

Ironhide appeared in Chapter 1 of the Collection War, where he rallied his troops (consisting of his goons and the ROTF Arcee sisters) to spy on Motormaster . He later was knocked out my Motormaster when the villian made an attempt on Optimus ' life. Ironhide survived the attack, though his T-Cog sustained damage, preventing him from fully transforming into robot mode. It ironically made him resemble his headless G1 toy.

Trivia Edit

  • Ironhide is one of the first characters other than Legos to be confirmed as a Brony. His favorite pony is Applejack.
  • While Ironhide wishes he was the Leader Class figure, he is still mostly content with his HFTD Deluxe toy, as it is one of the best Movie Ironhide figures avaliable.
  • Ironhide considers Shockwave to be his best friend.