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  • Chapter 1- Legos finds himself tumbling through the rift between universes and evetually lands in a cartoon universe. He meets the ponies Shining Armor and Cadance, which makes him realize he's in the Pony universe. Though ecstatic, he realizes that he needs to find soem way to tell his friends back home that he is OK. This in mind, he happily begins the trek to Ponyville to talk to Twilight Sparkle. Meanwhile, Smolder also appears in the universe, still combined with Motormaster's upgrade limbs.
  • Chapter 2- A normal day in Ponyville is interrupted by Legos casually strolling through the town. He meets up with Twilight and the other Mane six ponies and explains his situation. However, before they can develoup a plan to help him, Smolder makes his presence known to them.
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  • Though this is the first Toy Saga text story released, it was not the first one created.
  • This story also tied into Lego's (since cancelled) fanfiction series, The Multi-Versal Conflict.