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  • Comic 152: The Space bride activates, allowing UM84's DOTM Megatron to arrive. After confirming that he's in Lego's universe, he sets off to recruit some Decepticons. However, Cyberverse Megatron convinces the Decepticons to instead help him steal larger Meg's body. UM84 Megatron barelly escapes, lamenting that things aren't going like he hoped.
  • Comic 153: Megatron is still upset that his plan failed. He briefly wonders if the Toy Saga universe has anything worthwhile, then runs into Fluttershy. Seconds later, he is gently stroking the pony's mane, wishing his owner would buy some ponies.
  • Comic 154: Legos is investigating the arrival of a new Megatron, only to find UM84's Megatron with Fluttershy. He then calls for Perceptor and questions why all travel to UM84's universe wasn't blocked, like he prdered. Perceptor replies that he thought he was supposed to block travel to Megatron_91's universe. Meanwhile, Ratchet is wondering why the Space Bride won't let him into Out of the Box, as he needs to help cure the other comic's Twilight from the Chip Plague.
  • Comic 155: Legos is surprised that Megatron likes ponies, to which Megatron replies "Who doesn't?" Sentinel shows up and start mocking him, prompting Megatron to use his 'anti-hater' gun on the blue bot. Sentinel is blasted away. Megatron then apologizes to Fluttershy for making her witness such a violent act, to which the pony replies that she's OK with haters getting hurt.
  • Comic 156: At the Space Bridge, Megatron is about to leave. Legos and Fluttershy say their goodbyes before he jumps through the Transwarp Field, only to be thrown back out seconds later. Perceptor then arrives and reports that he's working on blocking travel to UM84's universe, only to realize that Megatron is still here.


  • The crossover started as a joke in UM84's comic about Megatron going into Toy Saga. UM84 later asked Legos is he would make a few official crossover comics after Legos posted a joke picture on UM84's profile of his minifigure annoyed at Megatron petting Fluttershy.
  • Unlike other inter-comic crossovers such as Space Bridge'd or Shadow's Play, this crossover lacks a proper title.