Overview Edit

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As the title implies, this comic is the first bit of Toy Saga media ever. It introduces two of the main characters: LegoTFGuy himself, as well as Sentinel Prime.

Plot Edit

Legos, standing on a green baseplate in front of a dresser, welcomes the readers to the comic. He explains that the comic will deal with the mishaps of him and his collection, and hopes the audience enjoys it.

Sentinel then barges in and claims that HE would be a better candidate for running the comic. Legos quickly becomes tired of this and sends the Dinobots to chase Sentinel off the set. After which, he calls Sentinel a wuss.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the few comics to feature Legos in his Alpha Team uniform, rather than the green and blue attire his minifigure form is seen in later.