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  • Comic 111: LegoTFGuy is asked by Twilight if he has any books with Christmas carols, as she wants to go caroling. Lego then informs Twilight that, unlike her show counterpart, she "sings as well as she dances". It takes twilight a moment to realizes what he means by this. Legos says she shouldn't feel bad, as everyone has already heard every Christmas song several times over by then.
  • Comic 112: Twilight apologises to Legos for 'wasting his time'. Legos responds that he has a special Christmas-related task for her. After some guesses, Twilight figures out that she gets to help with a checklist of Cristm,as preparations. The unicorn lets out a squeal of delight. Legos tells her not to do that, as the sheer amount of cuteness it produces could be potentially deadly.
  • Comic 113: Legos contacts Huffer and Pipes, who are putting up stocking in the living room. (Somehow, Huffer has managed to get himself stuck inside one of the stockings.) Legos then asks how the ornament hanging is going. An ornament of Rosie the Robot is talking to Blackarachnia , Cyberverse Optimus holding Megatron's face, and Hot Shot talking to a Corvette Stingray, having mistaken it for Sideswipe . Pipes, witnessing all this, reposrt that the ornament hanging is "in progress". Lego tells Twilight to check it off the list. Twilight runs through the list and sees the last item. To her confusion, it's "get Ratchet's X-Ray scanner", which Animated Bumblebee confirms to have done.
  • Comic 114: Legos talks to the readers, explaining that there won't be another update until a few days after Christmas. His attempt at wishing the readers a merry Christmas is interrupted by Jessie , who reminds him  that there are other holidays in December, other than Christmas. Legos considers this, then wishes everyone a merry "HanaKwanzStams", to which Jessie replies that 'Happy Holidays" would've been easier.
  • Comic 115: A few days after Christmas, Legos hasn't returned form UltraMagnus84's 'Predacomics', so Jessie, Ben and Speeds task themselves with integrating the new figures into the collection- something Twilight was supposed to be in charge of, but she's too busy playing Scribblenauts. They come across PRIME First Edition Arcee , Bumblebee and Starscream (who is convinced that Arcee wants to kill him). They then Meet Hero Factory figures Stormer, Bulk and Surge . After that they see one last figure. To their surprise, it's Animated Oil Slick, who explains that he was bought on clearance several months ago.


  • There were actually two more figures that Legos got- DOTM Voyager Megatron and DOTM Darksteel. However, he planned for these figure to be used later in the comic as characters other than themselves, so they weren't included in the Christmas comics.